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How does the Ombudsman deal with your complaints?

He will file your complaint and the information he receives from the relevant pension offices.

He has access to your personal pension file, investigates your complaint and checks whether it can be upheld. Has anything gone wrong? What is exactly the problem? Which office can you contact for more information or assistance?

If the Ombudsman considers that your complaint can be upheld, he will try to resolve it.

Complaints that do not directly concern statutory pensions, e.g. supplementary or early retirement pensions,will be referred/forwarded to the competent Ombudsman or relevant office.

If you did not previously contact the relevant pension office in order to solve your problem, the Ombudsman will ask you to do so.

Legalproceedings don'tsuspend the investigation.

From the moment the Ombudsman has received your complaint until your file is closed, you will be regularly kept informed about the state of affairs.